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Remote Working IT Solutions & Support for your UK Business

For businesses large or small, the need for IT support during remote working is a vital part of keeping optimum productivity amongst your workforce. But, especially with the potential cyber security risks that accompany using public Wi-Fi networks, having a secure and reliable way of accessing your business information is essential.
OCS’s remote working IT service supports teams of all sizes by providing help on-demand, allowing members to access their work PCs, documents and software from anywhere in the world. What’s more, we have developed an easy setup process that can be implemented within minutes; so regardless of how many PCs you have to manage, our remote working solutions can get you up and running quickly.

OCS Provides


Microsoft Teams


Phone Systems for Microsoft Teams


Microsoft 365 Modern Workplace


VoIP Phone Systems


Hosted Virtual Desktop

Remote Working IT Setup

Remote Access Support

Remote desktop access allows our support team to ensure your work devices are kept fully up-to-date to receive latest features and security protection. Each remote worker’s computer is installed with our management tool which enables the OCS UK team to take care of everything from Windows updates to virus checking. Choose us and benefit from quick set-up times as well as our highly responsive customer service team – there’s no better partner for your remote IT support needs.

Using The Cloud

As a fully accredited Microsoft Partner, we offer a full range of cloud services to better enable your remote teams to work efficiently, with secure access to everything they need wherever they are. By migrating remote workers to the cloud you not only enable more efficient remote working and better productivity, but it also make you more agile in terms of being able to scale up or down, based on your needs. As a virtual team ourselves, OCS have first-hand experience and understand the unique challenges faced when managing distributed teams.

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From maintaining our network to supporting feild workers, we can rely on OCS for friendly, competent IT management.

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